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Warehouse Sale Box

Warehouse Sale Box

Warehouse Sale Box


We have created a special Sweet Reads Warehouse Sale Box

This box includes a sampling of reader favourite items paired with your choice of book. 

  • 2 Danica Swedish Dishcloths "Enjoy the Little Things" 
  • Alpine Start Instant Coffee (8 sachets) 
  • Gourmet du Village Marinara Sauce 
  • Camino Chocolate Bar - Milk with Sea Salt 
  • Sweet Reads Hand Rescue 
  • 'You Broc' Gift-a-Green Microgreen growing package 
  • Supper at Six Pasta 
  • Lemon Lily Lemon Iced Tea 
  • Abbott Collection Green Matte Mug 
  • 3 note pads 
  • 2 wooden bookmarks 
  • SOAK Co. Pink Soda Bath Bomb 
  • Set of Car Coasters 
  • Compendium Lemon Journal 
  • IKIWISI Double-Sided Reading Journal 

Approximate Retail Value = $180 - $195


- We have limited amounts of each item which may result in some substitutions. Your box will have equal or higher value if an item needs to be substituted. 

- Once a book choice is sold out we will not restock it. Book choices at listing are shown in the photo