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Lessons in Chemistry Book Box

$60.00 $89.99 saving $29.99
Lessons in Chemistry Book Box

Lessons in Chemistry Book Box

$60.00 $89.99 saving $29.99

Book: Lessons in Chemistry – Bonnie Garmus

What do cooking and chemistry have in common? Everything! And for protagonist Elizabeth Zott, the combination results in a new career as the host of a beloved TV cooking show. Set in the 1960s, Lessons in Chemistry is a truly unique novel that offers a set of characters to fall in love with, including our favourite, Six-Thirty. Elizabeth gives us a window into a world where men are scientists and women are not. Both funny and inspiring, quirky and intelligent, Lessons in Chemistry is a novel you will be talking about long after you finish.

What is in the box?

Lemon Square – Lemon Square Co. – The most delicious lemon square we’ve tried. As a heritage baked good, it is the perfect way to end any Italian meal.

C25H28N6O7 Instant Coffee – Alpine Coffee - We think Elizabeth would have invented instant coffee that tastes this good in her kitchen-come-lab.

Assorted Styles Dishtowel – Danica – A touch of nostalgia with a dishtowel fit for a 1960s cooking show. 

Marinara Mix – Gourmet du Village - We couldn't leave your pasta dull and boring like ego-centric scientists.

Lab Goal Socks – Endur - Six-thirty is smart enough to run a company, so we gave him one.

Soda Biscuits – Supper at Six - Elizabeth would have enjoyed showing her audience the chemical reaction involved to make these hearty biscuits enjoyed best with pasta or soup.

Italian Noodles – Supper at Six - Elizbeth would have packed this lunch for her and Calvin to take to the lab.

Lessons in Chemistry Pencil – Penguin Canada – The perfect accompaniment for taking notes while reading or creating your next chemical compound. Experimental notations require a very good pencil.

Custom Notepad – I’ll Know It When I See It – A custom-created notepad specially designed to coordinate with the novel. Perfect for recipes, grocery lists, to-dos, and equations.

Author Letter – Bonnie Garmus – A special letter written for our Sweet Readers.