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The Sugar Thief Box

$70.00 $89.99 saving $19.99
The Sugar Thief Box

The Sugar Thief Box

$70.00 $89.99 saving $19.99

*Book: Sugar Thief by Nancy Mauro

Combine a social media darling with millions of followers with a hometown visit to her family’s bakery and you have a funny, witty and emotional story. Sabine is a unique character brought home for a family funeral but that is just the tip of the pastry bag. Her family has dark secrets and there is mystery surrounding the bakery’s old world pastry recipe. A story of chaos, critique and a social commentary we think you will thoroughly enjoy this sweet yet salty novel.

What is in the box?

*The Persian – Walton Wood Farm - Custom made jam that is excellent on toast, and amazingly delicious as part of the special pastry recipe included.

*Strawberry Frose Mix – Gourmet du Village – Inspired by the strawberry icing in the Persian Pastry. A sweet summertime drink great with as a wine slushy or with your favourite non-alcoholic beverage. P airs well with sweets and Sabine’s drinking problem.

*Bertie Bird Sugar Saver – Danica – A nod to Wanda and her many talents, this terracotta bird will keep your brown sugar soft for 3-6 months. A reusable baking tool your kitchen and brown sugar will love.

*Cupcakes Tea Towel – Danica – With its perfectly sweet design, this light tea towel will become a fast favourite in your kitchen.

*‘Donut Forget’ Notepad – Custom made for Sweet Reads this notepad is ideal for grocery lists, messages and more. The perfect tool for Wanda to plan her sabotage moves.

Donut Bath Bomb – garb2art – While we couldn’t put a freshly baked donut into each box, this amazing donut bath bomb will allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy Sugar Thief. We love that this company is women-owned, and is an earth friendly brand.

*Donut Shot Glass – Danica – With a lot of drinking in this novel, what better way to toast to a great Canadian book than with this fun shot glass.

The Persian Recipe – Penguin Random House Canada – While we cannot all go to Thunder Bay to enjoy a Persian; this recipe will allow you to create a Persian at home. Use your jam in the icing for this delightful pastry/donut. 

*Bookmark – Mark your page with this custom bookmark themed to the novel.

*Indicates a Canadian company