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Black Cake Book Box

Black Cake Book Box

Black Cake Book Box


Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

An amazing debut novel, Charmaine Wilkerson dives deep into the question: Do we really know the story of our parents and their lives?

From the first page, you will be drawn into the story of Eleanor and her children, Byron and Benny. The journey takes us through their history in Jamaica, England, and California. A story about love and loss, escape and belonging, swimming and surfing, baking and family.

What is in the box?

Black Cake – Jaruca – We absolutely could not send this box out without including Jamaican Black Cake. Are they just as good as Pearl’s Black Cake? We will let you decide. Made in Illinois, with love, by Selina Davis.

*Benny’s Dream Beans – Propellor Coffee – Benny long dreams of opening her own coffee shop. We encourage you to brew up a pot of this amazing coffee to enjoy while reading Black Cake.

*Dreaming of Coffee Candle – Allen Wick Candles – Created to evoke all the memories of your favourite coffee shop. Just like Benny’s dreams, this custom scent will have you dreaming of coffee long after you’ve finished the novel. 

*Swimmer’s Rescue Lip Scrub – Walton Wood Farm – With Bennett family secrets as deep as the ocean, this lime + mint scrub will help keep those lips free of flakes, and more importantly, properly sealed.

*Vegan Gummy Sharks – Squish - Every good ocean scientist enjoys seeing a healthy shark. We think you'll enjoy these ones from Squish.

*Beach Babe Lip Balm – Walton Wood Farm - Bunny and Covey could have used this 100% natural lip balm to keep those swimmers' lips soft and supple. 

Black Cake Recipe Card – Penguin Books – Try your hand at making Eleanor’s Black Cake with the traditional recipe. Share your photos with us. We cannot wait to see your creations.

Author Letter – Penguin Books – A note from Charmaine Wilkerson exclusive to Sweet Readers.

*Indicates a Canadian company