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Greta James Bonus Box

Greta James Bonus Box

Greta James Bonus Box


A special deal on our last Greta James boxes. 

Order a Greta James Box and we will include the novel Lessons in Chemistry! 

Your box will include:

Book: Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith

Embark on a journey of inner and outer discovery with the James family set amongst the breathtaking landscape of Alaska's Inside Passage. This heartfelt and quirky story is about a rock star daughter and her father, both struggling to find their footing after a tragedy as they attempt to untangle years of misunderstanding. Be a fly on the deck (or an Eagle) as Greta heals old family wounds, kindles an unlikely shipboard romance, and ultimately reconnects with her true self while sailing through life's tough-to-navigate passages. 

+ Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

What is in the box?

*Escape Cruise Lines Margarita Mix – Gourmet du Village – Ben & Greta may have had a few too many, and now you can, too. Perfect for Margaritas or Mocktails.

*Bear Droppings – Walton Wood Farm – A trip to the gift shop isn’t complete without an Alaskan-inspired treat. An energetic snack, the perfect fuel for hiking fjords.

Call of the Wild, Jack London – Penguin Random House – We couldn’t resist tucking this treasure into the box for you to experience Alaska through Jack & Ben’s eyes. A favorite classic you'll want to share.

*Totem Spirit (assorted styles) – Native Northwest – Made from reclaimed wood, your Totem Spirit is a touchstone reminder to pay attention to what’s important. Each piece features art by a Haida artist. The Alaska cruise travels through unceded Haida traditional territory. 

*Vintage Inside Passage Bookmark – Woodly – Journey along with Greta through the Inside Passage marking your page and adventures in the novel.  

*Greta James Solid Perfume– The enthusiasm of Greta's mom and her fans comes alive in this vibrant solid perfume. Notes of coastal moss, combined with shipboard grapefruit and rosemary. The ideal signature fragrance for an Indie Rockstar. Exclusive to Sweet Reads.

 *Author Letter – Penguin Canada – A special letter to Sweet Readers from Jennifer E Smith.

* Indicates a Canadian company