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The Good Father Book Box

The Good Father Book Box

*Book: The Good Father – Wayne Grady  

The first contemporary novel by Canadian author Wayne Grady. A story of a Father, his daughter, and their relationship through the years. Told from both the daughter (Daphne) and father’s (Harry) point of view, we see two sides of the same relationship. This novel is a unique look into a strained parent-child relationship that helps us understand compounding emotions of regret, loss, and addiction. In the end, redemption, family, and love take center stage, but the journey is not easy. This novel is set in both Toronto and Vancouver, showing us varying perspectives on family, geography, and experience.

What’s in the Box?

*Double Caramel Popcorn – Comeback Snacks – We love the story of Comeback Snacks and their focus on second chances. Perfectly fitting for Daphne and Harry’s stories. And perfectly delicious too!

*Me Time Tea – Woash Wellness – The perfect tea for Sweet Reads! Me Time tea is focused on giving you a chance to calm the mind and release stress. Fitting for our characters’ stories and matching our mission too.  

*Rose Journal – Do Good Paper Co. – These remarkable journals were special ordered for our subscribers. They are the ultimate in journaling. This journal ties into the novel, as Daphne takes to journaling as part of her therapy. We also love the motto of this amazing Canadian brand that focuses on mindful environmental choices and giving back.  

Pastel Retro Pen – Ooly – Both Daphne and Harry have writing as part of their careers/schooling. Grab this comfy and retro-cool pen for your journal and more.

*Canada Insulated Water Bottle – Danica – With two of Canada’s iconic cities as the setting for this novel, we wanted to include some Canadiana. This remarkable water bottle will be your go-to summer refreshment vessel.

Wine Tasting Notes – Chronicle Books – Harry’s work centers around his love of wine and wine tastings but just never seems to get them set up. These tasting notes will help you turn any night into a wine tasting experience.

*Denotes a Canadian company.

The Jane Austen Society Book Box

The Jane Austen Society Book Box

Why The Jane Austen Society?

From the moment we stepped into the lives of the people of Chawton, England we were enamoured by their story, their connection and the stories buried deep in Jane Austen’s former home. A unique cast of characters brought together by their love of Austen and need for human connection. We think you will love this historical fiction debut from Canadian author Natalie Jenner. Whether you are fan of Austen or a reader of historical fiction there is something for everyone. At its centre, The Jane Austen Society is about love, loss, family and books. The perfect read for June.

What is in the box?

Assorted British Candy – We chose an assortment of British candy for this month’s box. A delicious variety of summer flavours to enjoy while reading.

Just Peachy – Pluck Tea – Bursting with summer flavours this tea is delicious iced or hot. ** 

Signed Bookplates - from Natalie Jenner. A special gift from the author to be affixed inside your novel.

Northanger Abbey – Penguin Books – As the first Austen work mentioned in the novel we wanted to include it for your collection. If you have not had the chance to read Austen, this is one of our favourites.

Jane Austen Notecards – Penguin Books - What better way to stay connected with friends in family in a time of physical distance? Use these notecards to pen a note to someone you are missing. We think you will want to tell everyone about this novel.

Bee and Blossoms Scarf – Native Northwest – Reminiscent of a British garden this scarf brings an element of summer to your wardrobe. A beautiful design created by a Canadian indigenous artist. **

Bee and Blossoms Postcard – Native Northwest – A compliment to your scarf this postcard is great framed, used as a bookmark or sent to a friend. **

Feather Pen – Kikkerland – Dreaming of the days of inkwells and feather quills? Scribe your own masterpiece with this feather pen without fear of ink stained hands.

 **Indicates a Canadian company

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