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State of Terror Book Box

State of Terror Book Box

Our 4th Anniversary Box included a special custom SRB pin and more!

Book: State of Terror – Clinton/Penny *

We were so excited to be able to offer this title to our subscribers this month. Louise Penny has long been a favourite Canadian author, and her collaboration with Hilary Clinton created a truly fantastic novel that will have you on the edge of your seat. Penny’s writing style combined with insider information of how the American government and foreign affairs work combine to create a novel you will be talking about for weeks after you read it. 

What is in the box?

Salty Caramel Crunch – Camino – The perfect chocolate for an afternoon snack, some energy on the go, or a few quiet moments of me-time.

*Foundry – Propeller Coffee Co. – Named after the building Propeller resides in; this coffee is a blend of two single-origin coffees to make an award-winning cup. Perfect for edge of your seat reading and early morning to late-night work sessions.

*Fall Reads Hand Rescue – Walton Wood Farms – Created especially for us, this hand rescue will keep hands soft and smelling fantastic. It is perfect for keeping in your desk at work to combat dry office air.

*Cozy Bookmark – Together with KX – A cute and cozy bookmark to keep your mind on Fall and mark your page. 

Milk Frother – Groesche – A phenomenal milk frother to turn your coffee into a latte or take your hot chocolate to the next level. 

Coffee Exfoliator – Dr. Botanicals – Whether you are up late turning pages or engrossed in solving your own mysteries, this coffee exfoliator will energize your senses and your skin. Perfect after a long night. 

*Sweet Reads Pin – Desk of Sandra – Our gift to you to celebrate Sweet Reads Box turning 4! This beautifully designed exclusive pin by Desk of Sandra is sure to become your favourite bookish item.

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