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Starlight Book Box

Starlight Book Box

To celebrate December and our love for Canadian Literature we chose a novel that captures all the themes of a great novel.

Richard Wagamese has long been a favourite author of ours. His beautiful storytelling speaks of truth, culture, tradition and history. News of his passing last year left us wondering if we would get the chance to read his writing again. Starlight is his last gift to us as readers.

Reading Starlight we were struck by the story of Frank and Emmy and their journey to each other and towards healing. Like Wagamese’s other stories we were drawn in and captivated by the beauty of the natural world and it’s teachings. We loved this novel so much we couldn’t wait for it to be released in paperback – a special book in a special format as our gift to you.

What the box included:

Gourmet du Village – Double Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate - While Frank and Emmy drink copious amounts of coffee, we included hot chocolate in this box as a tribute to Winnie and her fireside drink. gourmetduvillage.com

Baru – Chocolate Marshmallows with Caramel – While sweets are not a central part of the novel, one bite into these morsels and you to will see stars – Belgian chocolate and caramel perfection! www.baru.be

Little Blue House by Hatley – Coffee Mug - From that first cup Emmy made Starlight and Roth we see coffee as an important part of their day. Start your day with your favourite brew in this fun coffee-loving mug. littlebluehouse.com

Now Designs – ‘Making Spirits Bright’ towel – Emmy works hard to make Frank’s place more homey and comfortable. From changing linens and towels to cleaning she turns the cabin into a home. As a nod to the holidays and in the theme of stars we loved these towels and hope they warm up your home this December. nowdesigns.net

Native Northwest – Starlight is Ojibway and in honouring his culture we chose two pieces from Native Northwest (a Canadian company) featuring the art of Indigenous Peoples of Canada. nativenorthwestselect.ca

  • Postcard “Directions of the Spirit” – like Starlight and Emmy we all must look for guidance. This postcard connects the compass of the spirit to guide our journey.
  • Notebook “Howling wolf” – a practical blank notebook for your thoughts and writings.

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