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Foe Book Box

Foe Book Box

Novel: Foe

Foe is the first novel we’ve read by Canadian author Iain Reid. From the first page we were instantly drawn in and literally could not put the book down until we found out what happened to Junior and Hen. Reid is a master of suspense building the novel and the characters along the way. We are drawn into Junior and Hen’s story and begin to wonder what Terrance really has in store for Junior. *

What’s in the box?

Dark RoastBirch Bark Coffee – Coffee is the central drink in the novel. While coffee was a natural choice, we looked for a unique producer. Birch Bark Coffee is a Canadian Indigenous coffee company offering Fair Trade Organic. With a focus clean water for indigenous communities Birch Bark Coffee gives back. *

Collage Caramel BarMilka – While sweets are not central to the book we wanted to include one of our favourites. This Swiss milk chocolate with caramel is out of this world.

Rural Roots Lip BalmWalton Wood – With a rural setting this all-natural lip balm is the perfect choice to keep your lips hydrated while working outside. *

Making a ListLittle Blue House – Junior’s chickens give him purpose and a semblance of a regular life. Combine a farmhouse style this list will keep all your details in check. *

Stars SocksLittle Blue House – With an element of otherworldliness Foe had us thinking about the stars and what lies beyond them. We hope you stargaze wearing these lightweight socks on a summer’s evening. *

Home Sweet Home MugNow Designs – This diner mug invokes the comfort of home and a great cup of coffee before starting your day. Reveal in the joy of home with your deal coffee in the kitchen or relaxing on the porch. *

Mystique Pencil PouchDanica Studio – We were drawn to the magical elements in this pouch’s design. Perfect for the themes in Foe and ideal for holding your favourite writing utensils. *

* A Canadian Company

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