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State of Terror Book Box

State of Terror Book Box

Our 4th Anniversary Box included a special custom SRB pin and more!

Book: State of Terror – Clinton/Penny *

We were so excited to be able to offer this title to our subscribers this month. Louise Penny has long been a favourite Canadian author, and her collaboration with Hilary Clinton created a truly fantastic novel that will have you on the edge of your seat. Penny’s writing style combined with insider information of how the American government and foreign affairs work combine to create a novel you will be talking about for weeks after you read it. 

What is in the box?

Salty Caramel Crunch – Camino – The perfect chocolate for an afternoon snack, some energy on the go, or a few quiet moments of me-time.

*Foundry – Propeller Coffee Co. – Named after the building Propeller resides in; this coffee is a blend of two single-origin coffees to make an award-winning cup. Perfect for edge of your seat reading and early morning to late-night work sessions.

*Fall Reads Hand Rescue – Walton Wood Farms – Created especially for us, this hand rescue will keep hands soft and smelling fantastic. It is perfect for keeping in your desk at work to combat dry office air.

*Cozy Bookmark – Together with KX – A cute and cozy bookmark to keep your mind on Fall and mark your page. 

Milk Frother – Groesche – A phenomenal milk frother to turn your coffee into a latte or take your hot chocolate to the next level. 

Coffee Exfoliator – Dr. Botanicals – Whether you are up late turning pages or engrossed in solving your own mysteries, this coffee exfoliator will energize your senses and your skin. Perfect after a long night. 

*Sweet Reads Pin – Desk of Sandra – Our gift to you to celebrate Sweet Reads Box turning 4! This beautifully designed exclusive pin by Desk of Sandra is sure to become your favourite bookish item.

*Indicates a Canadian company

Beautiful World, Where Are You Book Box

Beautiful World, Where Are You Book Box

Our September 2021 Box was packed to the brim with Fall favourites! 

Book: Beautiful World, Where Are You 


A novel about life, friendships, and relationships. Sally Rooney takes us inside the friendship of Eileen and Alice as they describe their daily life in emails. We see their hopes, dreams, worries and wonder if their search for meaning and happiness is similar to our own. Even though their lives are different than ours we cannot help but ask ourselves the same questions. Both Alice and Eileen are realistic, complex and like all of us are seeking a human connection in their friends and lovers. We feel this novel will be one you want to talk about and look forward to your thoughts!

What is in the box?

Poppy Mix – Poppy Popcorn – After the rave reviews of the Asheville Mix, we chose this delicious sweet and spicy popcorn combo as the perfect snack for reading a sweet and spicy novel. Happy snacking!

*Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate – Walton Wood Farms – The perfect Fall drink. Make up a warm cozy mug of this hot chocolate as you dream of exploring Dublin and the Irish countryside with Eileen and Alice.

Long Walks to the Library Socks – Blue Q – We adore these socks and know they will speak to your bookish heart. We also think both Eileen and Alice would love wearing these socks around the house and while working on their emails/writing. We hope yours take you on a delightful walk to your local library or Little Free Library. 

*Hydrate Bath Soak – Bathologist – A luxury bath soak perfect for taking the chill out of a damp Fall Day and/or contemplating your latest work/personal adventure. We think these bath salts will make you and the world feel a bit more beautiful.

*Leafy Leaves Jumbo Journal – EcoJot – Combine the beauty of Fall leaves and a practical lined journal and you have your new Fall favourite. The cover design was painted by designer Carolyn Gavin on a walk in the countryside showcasing the many colours of Fall. Use it as a personal journal and capture the beautiful world you see around you.  

*Book Shop Custom Candle – Allen Wick – A beautiful candle capturing the aroma of your favourite bookshop. Light your candle to set the mood for a relaxing reading experience.

*Publisher Letter – We have enclosed a special letter about Beautiful World, Where Are You from Lynn Henry, Publishing Director of Knopf Canada for our subscribers.

*Indicates a Canadian company 

Ghosts Book Box

Ghosts Book Box

Book: Ghosts

A timely read about online dating and life in your thirties. You will love the character of Nina Dean and her experiences in London, England. Follow her and her friends through the many life changes, including a Dad struggling with dementia. While often dealing with heavy topics, we found the story both humorous and touching. Set in one of our favourite cities and rich with characters and story Ghosts is a novel you will want to talk about.

What is in the box?

*Salted Caramel Cashews – Handfuel – We loved the cashews in the Beach Reads box so much that we had to include one of their other flavours. Enjoy while reading or add to your next charcuterie board.

*Lemon Royal – Zappyo – A bright lemony Yerba Mate tea. If you haven’t enjoyed this type of tea before, it is fantastic hot or iced.

*Sweet Reads Dad Cap – Peace Collective – A new custom SRB product! Fun, cool, and perfect for reading outside, we hope you love this cap and show off your book love with pride!

*Doodle Pad – Doodle Lovely – The perfect take-along companion for fun doodles to engage your mind instead of scrolling through your phone. Perfect for waiting at restaurants, for a date to show up, travel, or as a de-stressing mind break.  

*Custom Note Cards – I’ll Know It When I See It – Our friends at IKIWISI designed these beautiful notecards just for you. With bookish quotes and stunning illustrations, we know you will be eager to send these to friends and family. Nina often feels distanced from those at different life stages than her. We think she would have loved these note cards. 

*London Book Mark – Woodly – We love this company that creates art from salvaged wood on Vancouver Island. We couldn’t resist including this beautiful bookmark they created for us showing the London skyline.

Strawberry and Poppyseed Cleansing Bar – Dr. Botanicals – Whether you are getting freshened up for a night out or relaxing at home, this soap bar (from England) smells like summertime! 

Author letter – Penguin – we’ve included a Q&A with the author for additional perspective on the novel. 

 *Indicates a Canadian company

The House Guests Book Box

The House Guests Book Box

Book: The House Guests

An easy summer read with captivating characters and a storyline that will leave you guessing how it will all turn out. Two women whose lives are brought together after a stolen change purse leaves one of them destitute. An unexpected act of kindness brings these two women and their lives together to face the questions of their past. Set in Florida this book combines a tropical Florida setting with the rich heritage of Greek culture and food. While you might not want to open your home to a stranger, we think you will enjoy this story about doing just that.

What is in the box?

*Lemon Shortbread Cookies – The Shortbread Company – The perfect pop of citrus makes these cookies a light summer treat. Enjoy them with friends, or keep them for your secret reading snacks. 

*Skyhawk Dark Roast – Propeller Coffee – A rich, beautiful coffee that is perfect for making iced coffee this summer. Use the enclosed card for tips on how to make the perfect iced coffee. Don’t love iced coffee? Use it hot whichever way you’d like to brew it!

Oasis Tea Towel – Tag – Bring the Florida vibe home with a beautiful summery tea towel. A great accent to your kitchen.

*Sweet Orange Bath Bomb – SOAK Co. – We just love this scent for summer. Fresh, citrusy and perfectly hydrating for your skin. Relax and unwind with a great bath in all-natural ingredients.

*Greek Salad Mix – Gourmet du Village – An easy mix to create your own Greek salad at home. Perfect for outdoor meals on the deck/patio.

*Assorted Zipper Pouch – Danica – You will receive one of a variety of designs of a small pouch. Included to tie into the stolen zipper pouch that is the catalyst to Cassie and Amber’s relationship.

*YiaYia’s Kouzina Tzatziki Dip – Walton Wood Farms – Created specially for this box this Tzatziki Dip is named after the Greek restaurant owned by Cassie’s family. Serve with warm pita, and veggies or as a side to souvlaki. 

House Guests Keychain – Harper Collins Canada – A fun and practical tie-in to the novel. Great for your spare set of keys to give to your next house guest.

 *Indicates a Canadian company

The Good Father Book Box

The Good Father Book Box

*Book: The Good Father – Wayne Grady  

The first contemporary novel by Canadian author Wayne Grady. A story of a Father, his daughter, and their relationship through the years. Told from both the daughter (Daphne) and father’s (Harry) point of view, we see two sides of the same relationship. This novel is a unique look into a strained parent-child relationship that helps us understand compounding emotions of regret, loss, and addiction. In the end, redemption, family, and love take center stage, but the journey is not easy. This novel is set in both Toronto and Vancouver, showing us varying perspectives on family, geography, and experience.

What’s in the Box?

*Double Caramel Popcorn – Comeback Snacks – We love the story of Comeback Snacks and their focus on second chances. Perfectly fitting for Daphne and Harry’s stories. And perfectly delicious too!

*Me Time Tea – Woash Wellness – The perfect tea for Sweet Reads! Me Time tea is focused on giving you a chance to calm the mind and release stress. Fitting for our characters’ stories and matching our mission too.  

*Rose Journal – Do Good Paper Co. – These remarkable journals were special ordered for our subscribers. They are the ultimate in journaling. This journal ties into the novel, as Daphne takes to journaling as part of her therapy. We also love the motto of this amazing Canadian brand that focuses on mindful environmental choices and giving back.  

Pastel Retro Pen – Ooly – Both Daphne and Harry have writing as part of their careers/schooling. Grab this comfy and retro-cool pen for your journal and more.

*Canada Insulated Water Bottle – Danica – With two of Canada’s iconic cities as the setting for this novel, we wanted to include some Canadiana. This remarkable water bottle will be your go-to summer refreshment vessel.

Wine Tasting Notes – Chronicle Books – Harry’s work centers around his love of wine and wine tastings but just never seems to get them set up. These tasting notes will help you turn any night into a wine tasting experience.

*Denotes a Canadian company.

Not a Happy Family Book Box

Not a Happy Family Book Box

*Book: Not a Happy Family

We are excited to bring you this brand-new thriller from Canadian author Shari Lapena. If you’ve read her other work, you know you are in for a fantastic read!

Family is at the center of this novel. After Fred and Sheila Mercer are killed, their children are set to inherit millions. Are they responsible? What secrets does this family have to hide?

What is in the box?

*Summer Fun Mix – Bon Bon Gummies – We know you will find this mix the perfect summer snack while enjoying your novel. 

*Garden Party or Bradshaw Mix – Fuse & Sip – Get ready to fall in love with this fantastic drink mix. Your infusion kit is made of 100% natural ingredients, is free of any additives, and can be made with alcohol or water. Get ready to enjoy a fun cocktail or mocktail.

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley – We love to surprise our subscribers with an occasional two-novel box. We chose the classic novel Frankenstein (1818) as a thoughtful and suspenseful summer read. Written as a Ghost Story, Frankenstein’s themes and messages still ring true today.

*Sunglasses Sunshine Bookmark – Crafted Van – Channel your summer cool with this sunny bookmark. Sure to bring a smile to your face even when reading the really suspenseful parts! 

Bottle Candle – Fred – The perfect spooky light to add to your favourite wine bottle. Voila! Instant ambiance.

Spy Glass Bookmark - *If – A useful and a fun addition to any suspense read. Will this spyglass help you uncover the truth?

Ouch Toothpick Holder – Fred – Take your charcuterie tray to the next level with this conversation-starting toothpick holder.

Author Letter – A special letter just for Sweet Reads subscribers!

 *Indicates a Canadian company

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